Animate characters and other stage elements

Gameplay Animator Cinematic Animator Motion Capture Animator Motion Capture Technician Technical Animation/Rigger VFX Artist



Create 2D Concepts or 3D Models for characters, creatures, and settings

3D Character Artist 3D Environment Artist Concept Artist UI Artist



Compose the music, create sound effects and character voices in the game

Sound Designer Dialogue Engineers Technical Sound Designer Music Designer Composer Audio Director



Create gameplay, define experience, narrative, oversee creative development from concept to launch

Game Designer Level Designer Campaing Designer Techical Designer Core Designer UX Designer



Organize the creation of the game, supervise the development and organization of the project from a business and finance perspective

Manager Producer Director



Write the code of the game, to start the functionality or service to make the game work

Gameplay Programmer Audio Programmer Tools Programmer Graphics Programmer Engine Programmer


Quality Assurance

Collect all information about bugs, errors, test results, user feedback and communicate it during development

QA Technician QA Lead/Manager Automation Engineer Head of QA